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Documenting your .NET code

Documentation tutorial - All programmers document their code, right? Sure. I do. It is important to explain to yourself and others what you are doing. If your code is to be used in a wider scale as a library, it is not only important to document your code, but also generate documentation for the whole library. .NET framework provides something very similar to JavaDoc utility: automatic documentation generation from XML comments put in your code. Check it out!

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VB API Tip!!!

Gather System Information using just API - There is a lot of information that you can obtain about the system in your VB apps using just APIs. This article shows you how to obtain Windows directory, System directory, OS version, computer name, get user name, memory status, and various other system information. On top of that, it shows you how to shut down the computer from VB.

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      .NET Intro

Intro to .NET - Since I'm just starting to talk about .NET, I will give you a short intro to this platform, giving couple words on what tools to use.


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