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      API Tip

How To Use API in VB - API makes Your programs run faster and smoother since it doesn't need to go through VB run-time for processing. Take this as Your advantage!


In order to use the functions API offers, firt You have to declare them in the module of Your project, so that You could access them from any place in the code (for example, from command1_click). I could give the general form of declaring the functions. But You should do it in easier way. Instead of memorizing each function and its declaration, use API Viewer which comes with You Visual Basic CD. There You should get all the information needed to declare most of the API functions. Simply run API Viewer, and through File menu load win32api.txt. Convert it to the database, and from there, the things are easy: select the function name You want to use, double-click to get declaration line, and copy that line into the module of Your project. Just like that!

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