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About vbXzone

My name is Laimonas Simutis and I provide all the articles and links that you see in this site. I have been programming with Visual Basic since VB4. Besides VB I'm also proficient in C++, Java, and .NET framework programming. I believe that VB is a very powerful programming tool that can be used (and is used) in many projects. You will hear a lot of talk about language shortcomings and bunch of other things that make VB look bad (some of them are true). I accept C++ superiority and use the language a lot, however VB gives me a lot of pleasure and have tought me so many things that I would have never found out without VB.
Well, I hope that articles and tips are useful. If you have any comments or questions that have to do with this site and/or programming, don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for visiting!

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